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"In all its expansion among the stars the human race had yet to  encounter another intelligent species, yet men never failed to find new excuses to wage war against one another. For  centuries the Star League had united and ruled the stars, until that golden era had collapsed in civil war and chaos. In a  mass exodus led by the most famous general in the history of mankind, most of the League's military had simply  abandoned the Inner Sphere, disappearing forever into the unmapped space of the Periphery. Left behind were the five Great Houses and their rulers, each of whom claimed to be the rightful heir to the throne of  the Star League. For almost three hundred years the militaries of the Great Houses had fought one another to a standstill.  The wars had been ruinous, with an inevitable decline in technological know-how and a virtual stagnation of cultural  growth. The leaders had fought on regardless, Steiner and Kurita, Liao, Marik, and Davion, each one determined to  emerge as the sole ruler of all human-settled space. Alliances shifted, leaders changed, ordinary people died in droves,  but still the Succession Wars went on.

Then occurred a single political maneuver that had almost changed all that. In the year 3028 two of the Great Houses  had actually united in more than just a temporary alliance of convenience. The marriage of Hanse Davion, Prince of the  Federated Suns, to Melissa Steiner, daughter of Archon Katrina Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth, had in one stroke  united those two realms into a single overpowering political unit, the Federated Commonwealth. The mighty F-C army  scored massive victories over their major rivals, and for a time the stalemate seemed ended. But even the Federated  Commonwealth's drive stalled eventually, and a period of uneasy peace settled over the Inner Sphere."

-Andrew Kieth, "Bloof of Heroes" c. 1993

This is a wiki for the "Time of War" role playing campaign involving the 17th Skye Rangers in the year 3048.

17th SkyeEdit

The 17th Skye Rangers Campaign is a roleplaying group using the "A Time of War" Role Playing rules.  This campaign chronicles the events surrounding a military unit in the BattleTech universe six months after a military disaster that caused them to lose over half of their personel.  This wiki serves as a reference for players in that campaign regarding the NPCs, PCs and events that surround the campaign.





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